Villa Vals – Live Like A Hobbit

 This villa is dug out of a Swiss mountainside by the Therme Vals. You can now rent out this villa ( during any season, so whether it’s skiing, hiking or simply relaxing, this place is great if you and a couple of mates fancy living like a hobbit. The design was decided by Dutch designers, Hella Jongerious, Demakersvan and Claudy … Continue reading

Olaf Breuning – Joker/Artist

Olaf Breuning (born 1970) is a Swiss-born artist now living in New York. His art works are equally weird and intriguing that depicts a jokey side to this Swiss artist! Below are a few that stood out. For more, go to

Clare Maguire – XOYO

I went to check Clare Maguire out at a gig in XOYO by Old Street. She won me over with her current single ‘Ain’t Nobody’, as she entered the room with all bandmembers in suits and masks! This mystical and mysterious stage presence helped compliment her deep and meaningful voice. Other song to look out for is … Continue reading