Coco Momo’s – Gloucester Road

I decided to go for Sunday Lunch with the mother and sister on a lovely summer’s day. Outside seating was the main criteria for us, so we looked no further than our doorstep to see Coco Momo’s, previously the Prince Regent. The interior looks very similar to the previous establishment, bar the fact there is a more ‘foreign’ feel to it (probably to entice the local Euros in the area). The menu is what you expect it to be. Simple, fresh, cafe food, including burgers, steaks, roast chicken from the Rotisserie, classic ‘comforters’ served up with a continental feel.  See below for some of what’s on offer. Prices are well-priced and has some good deals. Ideal for a Saturday/Sunday lunch for catching up with a friend.

Grilled Seabass with Ultimate Salad



Chicken Burger and French Fries

Devoured Treacle Tart

Address: 25 Gloucester Road


London SW7 4PL

Tel: 0207 589 0905




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