Bucca Di Lupo – Archer Street

    Address: 12 Archer Street London W1D 7BB Tel: 0207 734 2223 Website: http://www.boccadilupo.com/ Menu: http://www.boccadilupo.com/files/main%20menu.pdf Advertisements

Walmer Castle – Ledbury Road

Walmer Castle is a traditional cosy pub in the heart of Notting Hill but with an oriental spin. Downstairs brings in the locals for a quiet pint, but once upstairs, you enter a large buzzy room appropriately furnished with all oriental decorations. Despite the lack of fast service, this resturant serves up consisttently good food … Continue reading

Coco Momo’s – Gloucester Road

    Address: 25 Gloucester Road Kensington London SW7 4PL Tel: 0207 589 0905 Website: http://www.cocomomokensington.co.uk/ Menu: http://www.cocomomokensington.co.uk/images/upload/COCO_MOMO_KENSINGTON_2010.pdf

Fever Ray by Fever Ray

Most amazing album. worth a listen, although my fave song happens to be ‘When I Grow Up’  – check out its mesmesrizing video….