Jak’s – Walton Street

Ever feel like you’re missing out on what’s going down in St Tropez over the summer months? Well, London has its very own answer and that is, Walton Street. All the latest pimped out cars lie outside the string of shops and bars on this petite picturesque road in South Ken. So there’s no surprise that Jak’s, which can be found half down this street, has been so successful and has grown from literally a hole in the wall to what is now considered a mecca for all the yummy mummys and local Euro dandys of the area and beyond. Rustic from the outside, the lovely wooden panelling and comforting decor invites you into a casual yet ‘place to be seen’ environment. This is where you come dressed in your BEST casual clothes. The whole concept of this restaurant is simple – deliciously appetising healthy Italian food that you choose from behind a display then sit down and devour. Each item varies in price and you may get carried away in wanting to try everything. But this comes at a high price – this is Walton Street, after all.

My friend went for her usual of ‘5 Salads Combo’ of which there is Whole-wheat Pesto Paste, Organic Brown & Wild Rice, Tabbouleh , Greek Salad etc. As for main dishes, there is a variety of Fish like Chunky Tuna Steak, Salmon…. but you can also choose from chicken kebab, lasagne. Everything looked divine. Portions are big, too. So although pricey, you feel you get a good hearty meal in return and no guilty conscience as everything sounds healthy, too.

Anna and our meals that awaits us

I chose the Tuna Steak that had just come out of the oven along with Green Vegetable and a heap of Quinoa. Extra salt and pepper were definitely needed and my steak could have been rarer. Despite all that, I loved the atmosphere; and this place is a restaurant for any occasion. Another friend also organised her bday party in the back room, so it does cater for large groups. A takeaway service is on offer, too.

Tuna Steak With Quinoa and Green Veg

I have not yet tried the delicious looking sweets and puddings they also had wonderfully displayed. But the Strawberry Cheesecake and Treacle Pie (half-empty) were definitely the most appetising and so rumour has, actually the best thing on their menu.
 the Stuffed Aubergine is another good recommendation – one of its more popular dishes.
The bill came to £40 which included the 5 salads combo and my meal and one wonderful bottle of white wine (the cheapest being £17). A tad expensive but remember the portions are big and leave feeling fully satisfied.


77 Walton Street
London, SW3 2H

Tel: +44 (0) 207 5584 3441


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